Percent complete ?
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Whenever i want to fill in a number for percent complete to a task i have a problem.

I can't fill in a number for percent complete, but this does not happen to all tasks. Is anyone familiar to this problem?
Can anyone tell me why it doesn't happen to all tasks. Whenever i give, for exemple 75% complete, sometimes the gantt bar doesn't change and in another task it does change.

Please any help, suggestions?



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Hi Leo,


That seems odd..... if you can send your project file and offending task number we can check it out.  You can send it to   There are a few things like Summary tasks will update % complete when the child task is updated..... and there is also different effort driven statuses that may be causing this but I would like to check it out to ensure there is not a bug.





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A little time ago i send you the requested file. But i haven't heard since. I do believe you very busy but i am just curious if you do have a solution for me.



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Hi - thank you for your interest and reply.  I was scrambling to get some updates entered for a schedule review today so I did not take careful notes on what I did to get things working.  It is possible that I had entered date fields that should have been left empty for auto-filling.  I will take more careful notes when I touch it next.  I did have problems removing "actual start date" and/or "actual end date" fields in some cases.  Learning what not to touch seems important.